We have a regular section on CPD in the newsletters from Surepath Training, with links to follow-up information.  They are useful for anyone but are especially useful for graduates pursuing professional registration with the ICE.   In the latest newsletter (to be issued shortly) two CPD ideas are provided:

NEC4 – The NEC form of contract was born out of the Latham and Egan reports.  It went on to become the form of contract recommended by the ICE, replacing the ICE 7th Conditions of Contract.  It emphasised a collaborative approach and provided a range of forms for different risk sharing approaches.  NEC3 has now been replaced by NEC4 and graduates sitting their review ought to be aware now of the main changes.  A good starting point may be found here.

Sustainable Development – Some time ago, in 2008, Constructing Excellence “recognised the need for a ‘Plain English Guide to Sustainable Construction’ after a large number of comments from their membership about the lack of clear, concise information on the subject.”  They have produced a useful guide that we recommend graduates read as a starter.  There have been developments since of course, as covered in previous newsletters.

If you want to see other CPD ideas, you can look back at previous newsletters by following this link.