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As of 1 November 2017 the registered address of both Surepath Training and Surepath Consulting changed to The Hub at Gladstone Buildings, Broadleys, Clay Cross, Chesterfield S45 9JN.

The change follows our move from Tapton Park Innovation Centre to new offices at the registered address in early September 2017.  Any post sent to the old Tapton address will still reach us rest assured.


Though we all hope to avoid delays and disruptions on our construction projects, when they do occur it is best to have a clear approach set out to help resolve matters.  That is why we thought it would be useful to bring to our visitors attention that a second edition of the delay and disruption protocol has been issued by the Society of Construction Law in February 2017.  It is intended to be used to determine extensions of time and compensation for delay and disruption, and recognises that transparency of information and methodology is central to both dispute prevention and dispute resolution.

If you wish to download a copy of the protocol (for free) follow this link to the Society’s web pages.  Graduates pursuing qualification with the ICE may find this useful to peruse too as part of their general preparation for their professional review.


With increasing numbers of basements being constructed, readers may find a recent legal ruling of interest.  In it, a High Court judge has ruled that basement extensions must have planning permission if they require excavation and engineering works.  They may no longer be carried out under permitted development rights.

For more information, see the following links:

The full effect of the ruling is yet to be seen, but it seems that it would be prudent for architects and engineers to advise their clients to seek planning permission early in the process.  It is likely that permission will be needed for most projects, especially if engineering works are required as well as excavations.  This may increase the need for ground assessments and geotechnical designs to be undertaken, for example for retaining walls and foundations.



A smiling Andy Goodwin and James Regan of GeoMatters ( having finished their tour of the UK supporting the NHBC’s Building for Tomorrow 2017 events! It was a really well organised tour by the NHBC and their events team, so thanks to everyone there.  It was great to speak to everyone on our travels too of course.