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We have recently been commissioned by a new client to support them on a large residential development in Yorkshire.  The site lies in a floodplain and the associated drainage attenuation scheme presents significant geotechnical issues.  Problems to be addressed include slope stability in rapid drawdown conditions and potentially de-stabilising groundwater flows.  It promises to be an interesting challenge and we are looking forward to working on it.

If you think we could assist you with similar issues you may be having on a site then please contact Dr Andy Goodwin on 01246 807808.



A smiling Andy Goodwin and James Regan of GeoMatters ( having finished their tour of the UK supporting the NHBC’s Building for Tomorrow 2017 events! It was a really well organised tour by the NHBC and their events team, so thanks to everyone there.  It was great to speak to everyone on our travels too of course.


To complement our NHBC 2017 roadshow and the interest shown there, Surepath Training are running again their intensive half day course that aims to address the likely impact of EC7 on ground investigation design.

EC7 has been here for a decade now and its use in industry is becoming more widespread all the time.  The 2015 update of the Code of Practice for Ground Investigations, BS5930, says GI’s ‘should’ follow the guidance in EC7 on GI quantum.  This coupled with the adoption of EC7 in Building Regulations and NHBC standards means that GI design is potentially set for some significant changes.

The course will be taught against a background introduction to design practice to EC7, and the requirements for ground characterisation and parametric assessment in particular.  The majority of the course will focus on EC7 design requirements for GI’s, including a design exercise to examine the scale of changes that could be required. The course will introduce also changes to logging and reporting requirements to suit EC7.

This course is running in Chesterfield on 4 May 2017.  Please call or email us to reserve your place on this course, or to discuss running it bespoke for your company or team.  Discounts are available for group bookings or delegates attending more than one course.


We have been busy for the last 4 weeks delivering our part of the NHBC Building for Tomorrow 2017 roadshow!  “Ground Investigation Good Practice” was the subject of our contribution.  It has been great meeting so many people and cascading the news on the GI changes coming due to EC7 and BS5930:2015.

More news on this road trip to follow….