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We are pleased to announce that we have now completed the current geotechnical design aspects of the S278 highway works for Peak Resort in Derbyshire.  Working with Inspire Design & Development, and Groundsmiths, we have prepared the earthworks design for the new access road and A61 slip road diversion to EC7.  We have also looked at the existing slopes adjacent to the River Drone for good measure, whilst Groundsmiths have looked at the mining risk aspects.



We are pleased to announce that we have been commissioned to work in support of a ground investigation company as they undertake a ground investigation and rock slope assessment for a proposed coal extraction site in Leeds.  The site is interesting as it is both quite heavily faulted and adjacent to major infrastructure.  In addition to traditional coring works, the ground is being investigated using down-hole geophysics to map the discontinuity sets.  This should allow the proposed slopes to be assessed and the ground risks managed.  We aim to release further details of the site in due course.


We are pleased to announce that we are about to commence work on a new major leisure and commercial development in Derbyshire.  Access to the currently confidential site will require highway diversion works and construction of an access road across sidelong ground.  Works are to be undertaken in accordance with EC7, and the scope of work to be undertaken by Surepath Consulting will include inputs to the ground investigation design, slope stability appraisals and earthworks assessments, as well as provision of geotechnical support to the highway and bridge specialists.  We aim to be able to release further details of the project in due course.



We have recently completed the preparation of an earthworks specification and associated drawings for a confidential site in Yorkshire.  Undertaken as a sub-Consultant, the project required the appraisal of the stability of an existing slope and the remedial measures required to improve its stability long term.  The specification was bespoke but based on Series 600 of the Specification for Highway Works.  Construction of the project is now underway and we hope to be able to release further details of the project in the coming weeks.